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Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Unknown
Species Time Deviant
Gender Male
First Appearance: World of the Radarmen
Last Appearance: Odyssey's Beginning
Portrayed By: Tom Hardy
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Yorke was a former Associate of the Tenth Inspector. He was later revealed to be a Time Deviant, one of a race of soulless chronopaths. He was played by British actor Tom Hardy.

Yorke started off as a seemingly human, mundane associate, a bit reminiscent of the late Jeffrey—and like Jeffrey, rather unpopular. With the shocking revelation that he was actually the Time Deviant that the Inspector had been pursuing in the previous episodes, he quickly became one the audience's favourite villains.

Adventures with the Inspector[edit | edit source]

Yorke in his first appearance

Originally intending to steal the BOOTH for purposes of chronocide, Yorke gradually learns compassion and honour from the Inspector during their travels. The example of how the literally heartless Infinity Knight conducted himself with decency and integrity grows into an unexpected positive influence on his character. In short, he begins to develop a soul ("There's something growing in me. Something unfamiliar. Something stopping me from doing anything I want. But I don't know that I entirely hate it.").

In his final episode, he sacrifices himself to prevent a recurrence of the Time Wave, even saving a fleet of Blorgons from that terrible fate.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Yorke was originally intended to last only a few episodes, but Tom Hardy proved so popular with the cast and eventually the fans, that his character expanded was expanded.
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