Wildium Rizenal
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Unknown
Species Humanoid
Gender Male
First Appearance: A Pleasant Chap Stays Home
Last Appearance: Brooke Gets Hitched
Portrayed By: Mel Smith
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Wildium Rizenal (played by British comedian Mel Smith) was an insurance claims adjustor from the Terran Federation in the third millennium CE. He was dismembered by the Mad Shekel Sons in "A Pleasant Chap Stays At Home", and only his foot was recovered.


Wildium's still-intelligent foot was kept on life support by the Inspector, who left it in a footlocker for safekeeping.

“It all still awaits you: the Mountains of Gorzalot, the Rise of the Twelfth, and the dilemma! The final dilemma! The dilemma that has never been resolved, hidden away from all who might see it! The dilemma that's drawn you closer, for all of your existence! ‘Inspector Spacetime‘. ‘Inspect-or-Spacetime’! ‘Inspect OR Spacetime’!”—Wildium Rizenal (from "Brooke Gets Hitched")