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Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Newer South Wales
Original era: 25th Century
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance: Mathsville
Last Appearance: Moon of Water
Portrayed By: Pauline Quirke
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Veneziana (full name "Veneziana Lopez Kelly Gab-") was played by British actress Pauline Quirke. She was an associate of the Fourth and Fifth Inspectors. Veneziana came from the 25th century Earth colony Newer South Wales, which was founded as a hybrid of the cultures of Texas and the Australian Outback.

Veneziana was an expert lasso-user (though the show often used a stuntwoman in Quirke's place) and was seldom seen without her bushranger hat and spurs.

It was a running gag throughout her time on the show that she was afraid of horses and found herself constantly having to deal with them.

Quirke sometimes had trouble maintaining the admittedly bizarre accent which her character sported, though not nearly to the degree that fan legends and jokes made it out to be.

She was accompanied on her journeys with the Fourth and Fifth Inspectors by associates from Thorough Visor and Nymeria of Planet Kraken V to Mimmek and, briefly, the Superintendent. She even visited Kayaclasch, where she also met the First, and the Third Inspectors, along with Mary Sue Brown, in the 20th anniversary special.

In her final story, "Moon of Water", she fell in love with the heroic Ked Nelly and jetskied off into the sunset with him (to the dismay of all the fans who had shipped her and Thorough).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The character was added to the show by the Inspector Spacetime producers in an attempt to broaden the program's appeal in both the Australian and American television markets.
  • Actor Jamie Bamber, who played Captain James Haggard, had a cat named Veneziana when he was a child, he revealed to Inspector Spacetime Monthly in an interview.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Someday, we're gonna crack open the door to that X7 and there's gonna be a goldurn horse crammed inside."

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