Updating this wiki with all the details of the Inspector Spacetime canon established in the on-going TV Tropes project is an impressive reminder of the many collaborators there who have built it up from its 30-second inspiration in Community. For instance, while Geoduck may appear to be a newcomer here, he's been with the Inspectrum from the beginning, way back in September of 2011, and has come up with numerous details about the history of this entirely fictitious TV programme. He is of course one in multitude of tropers who gathered together on that site to collaborate. There are too many to list here, but some of the most dedicated contributors include ailelie*, iaminspectorspacetime12, iamthedoctor, and setavulos. TV Tropes proved to be the perfect medium for everyone to bounce ideas off one another, build on each other's concepts, and maintain internal consistency. Very quickly, Inspector Spacetime was transformed from a cross between a parody and a pastiche into an unclassifiable creative endeavor of its own.

Some of the earliest innovations stand out and continue to inform how Inspector Spacetime progresses and evolves:

  • skrcha—The creator of the original TV Tropes Inspector Spacetime entry: Instead of writing up his own entries about the topic on Blogspot or going off by himself to write fan-fiction on Tumblr, he chose a web site type that encouraged a group creative effort. (And that's what "Wiki Magic" is all about.)
  • McGonz—The creator of Yorke: His mention of the mysterious character Yorke at first caused bafflement since he didn't match up with any existing character from That Ripoff, but when people realize that he was entirely original, it opened up a whole new dimension of possibilities for Inspector Spacetime.
  • suedenim—The creator of BTV: Rather than using a real-world analogue to the BBC, her inventing the completely fictional BTV gave tropers a setting for back-stage shenanigans and executive interference more outrageous than anything in Inspector Spacetime itself (it also supplied a kind of safety valve for the goofier gags).
  • Aceofplaces—The Anti-Inspector: His taking Troy Barnes's offhand description of a minor IS villain and applying full tropes to it showed that we could expand on even the smallest IS tidbits Community offered.

Incidentally, Dan Harmon reads TV Tropes "pretty religiously", so there's a good chance that he's looked at its Inspector Spacetime entry—or that he's stayed away so it doesn't unduly influence his creative process…

* Who compiled the first overview of the IS community's then-nascent canon. Although much of it has been either updated or superseded, she also articulated the driving principles of the collaboration: That which was established first tends to stand; anything that does not contradict also tends to stand.

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