Again, Inspector Spacetime has had missing episodes recovered! A Sarkhan television station had tapes of the infamous "Peter/Petula" episodes in a forgotten archive. They were meant to be aired on that television station for all the Sarkhan people to enjoy, but due to the protests from the Civic Eyes and Ears Council back in England, the tapes were meant to be destroyed but the guy in charge of doing so got killed in a car crash from eating while driving. While Sarkhan viewers lost a chance at the broadcast of the seeing of the sexy Petula, this nonetheless resulted in the "Peter/Petula" serials being rescued from being lost forever.

BTV had a habit of reusing videotapes to save money. And many 1962-1968 episodes of Inspector Spacetime went missing, while parts of "Solar System 16", "Journey to the Familiar," and "The Legend Locators" were lost when the master tapes fell down a well. Now the "Peter/Petula" episodes are retrieved, they're ready to be broadcast on BTV's BTV Classics channel.

BTV Classics is old shows for those who love to live the 20th century. Unfortunately, the technology at the time only allowed 16mm prints or dodgey E180 tapes, so it is common for the BTV Classics viewer to observe the regular break in transmission while they eject the tape and re-wind the next, and often the tracking on the VCR for the E180 tapes often fails to work and viewers are left with white noise for several hours without anyone realising.

Currently, BTV has hired Dr. Eggplant Stevens of the Civic Film Recoverment Council That Recovers Films (CFRCTRF) to travel the world looking for lost Inspector Spacetime episodes.

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