Having collaborated on the Inspector Spacetime meta-canon* on TV Tropes’ IS project and Tumblr’s Inspector Spacetime Confessions ever since Community’s "Biology 101", I thought I'd complete the trifecta by contributing to the Wikia version. Whatever the direction of Community and Doctor Who, Inspector Spacetime will always exist in the prime time of our collective imagination.

* Coining the term "the Inspectrum" for the canon/fandom was something I did on the fly, for instance, but like so many details in this Internet-wide group effort, it wound up sticking.


Inspector Spacetime on the Web

Special Formatting Codes

MediaWiki designates particular strings of text that it associates with a return value or function, such as time, site details, or page names, a.k.a. "Magic words".

Date/Time and Statistics

Codes for automatic calculation of date/time and statistics for wiki.

Code Notes Effect
{{CURRENTMONTH}} Gives current month 06
{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} Gives current English name for month June
{{CURRENTDAY}} Gives current day 22
{{CURRENTDAYNAME}} Gives current day of week English name Tuesday
{{CURRENTYEAR}} Gives current year 2021
{{CURRENTTIME}} Gives current time, in UTC 01:19
{{CURRENTTIMESTAMP}} Gives YYYYMMDDHHmmss timestamp 20210622011921
{{PAGENAME}} Returns the current page's name Travern
{{FULLPAGENAME}} Returns the current page's full name User:Travern
{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} Gives number of articles in main namespace (no redirects) 275
{{NUMBEROFPAGES}} Gives number of all wiki pages. 1,657
{{NUMBEROFFILES}} Gives number of uploaded files. 539
{{NUMBEROFEDITS}} Gives number of wiki edits. 5,158
{{NUMBEROFACTIVEUSERS}} Gives number of most recently contributing users. 1
{{NUMBEROFVIEWS}} Gives number of page views. Template:NUMBEROFVIEWS

Behaviour Switch Codes

Behaviour switch codes control the layout or behaviour of the page, e.g. to specify desired omissions and inclusions in the content.

  • __NOTOC__ suppresses the table of contents (can appear anywhere in the wikitext).
  • __TOC__ places a table of contents at the word's position.
  • __FORCETOC__ makes a table of contents appear in its normal position above the first header (can appear anywhere in the wikitext).
  • __NOEDITSECTION__ hides the section edit links beside headings.
  • __NEWSECTIONLINK__ adds a "+" link for adding a new section on a non-"Talk" page.
  • __NONEWSECTIONLINK__ removes the "+" link on "Talk" pages.
  • __NOGALLERY__ replaces thumbnails with normal links on a category page.
  • __HIDDENCAT__ makes page a hidden category on a category page.

Optional Gallery Attributes

The gallery tag takes several additional parameters, specified as attribute name-value pairs:

  • caption="{caption}": (caption text between double quotes for more than a word) sets a caption centered atop the gallery.
  • mode={traditional|nolines|packed|packed-hover|packed-overlay}: Traditional is the original gallery type used by MediaWiki. Nolines is like traditional, but with less borders. packed causes images to have the same height, but different widths, with little space between the images. "packed-overlay" allows the caption to be overlaid on top of the image. Last of all "packed-hover" is like "packed-overlay", but with the caption only showing up on hover.
  • heights={heights}px: sets the (max) heights of the images.
  • widths={width}px: sets the widths of the images, default 120px. Note the plural, widths.
  • perrow={integer}: sets the number of images per row. 0 means automatically adjust based on width of screen.
  • showfilename={anything}: Show the filenames of the images in the individual captions for each image.
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