Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Lostrio
Species Ice-based
Gender Male
Appears In: Foot of Terror
Portrayed By: David Jackson
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Urmrom was the deposed leader of the frigid planet Lostrio, from a civilization several million years in the future. He was portrayed by British actor David Jackson.


The Foot of Terror

The inhabitants of Lostrio are a sort of living ice, with the ability to create great cold around them in order to survive in warmer environments. Urmrom was executed by those he cruelly ruled over, with his body being dismembered and blasted to the furthest corners of the universe.

Somehow, as seen in the episode "Foot of Terror", his foot survived the journey through space, and crashed near an Antarctic research base in Earth's far future, where the Fourth Inspector and Mary Sue were paying a visit.


"Urmrom can't die!"

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