Trans-Temporal Tourbillon
Type: Spacetime Machine
Inventor(s): Infinity Knights (alternate chronology)
User(s): The Unknown Inspector
First Appearance/Mention: The Golden Jubilee of the Inspector 2012 Christmas Special
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The Trans-Temporal Tourbillon was a chrono-spatial manipulator designed by the alternate chronology Infinity Knights, stolen by that timeline's Blorgons from the Black Museum, and later activated by the Unknown Inspector at the end of "The Golden Jubilee of the Inspector" 2012 Christmas Special.

The Golden Jubilee of the Inspector 2012 Christmas Special[edit | edit source]

At the conclusion of the Christmas Special, after the Inspector Detail has prevented the Blorgons from blowing up Queen Victoria during her Golden Jubilee celebrations, the alternate chronology Inspector returns them to 2012 where the previous Inspectors are able to open spacetime wormholes to return to their eras.

In the final scene, as the past Inspectors prepare to return to their time streams, the Unknown Inspector reveals that he intends to use the Tourbillon not only to trigger another Time Wave but also to obliterate both the Infinity Knights (including themselves) and the Blorgons—which he claims is the only way to prevent history from remembering the former as having been as bad as the latter, if not worse. The Eleventh Inspector objects, and as they struggle over it, the Blorgon-booby-trapped device suddenly detonates.

Temporary Constable Geneva aids the Unknown Inspector's glitched metamorphosis

Both the Unknown Inspector and the Eleventh Inspector are caught in a weird chrono-spatial explosion that triggers their metamorphoses. While the Eleventh Inspector transforms into the Twelfth Inspector, the Unknown Inspector does not change into the Ninth, as expected. Instead, the Tourbillon's mysterious energies turn him into the First, played by Simon Jones, from the anniversary tie-in docudrama An Investigation In Spacetime. Stricken with complete amnesia, he is returned to Kayaclasch in the past, to be looked over by Susannah Overseer (played by Rosamund Pike, also from the docudrama), and the rest of the previous Inspectors go back to their eras.

Now stranded outside his own spacetime continuum, which has collapsed into a stable time loop, the new Inspector takes Geneva away in the BOOTH to new adventures in this unknown timeline.

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