Time Wave

Hypothetical simulation of the Time Wave

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The Time Wave is a mysterious but pivotally important event that was introduced as a backstory for the Inspector with the revived series. It took place between the events of the TV movie and the Ninth Inspector episode "Lily".

History[edit | edit source]

As the Infinity Knights became more and more corrupt, they began arbitrarily altering the Universe through the abuse of time travel. Fearing for the destruction of reality itself, several enemy species formed a union to stop them. The Blorgons, the Sulphur Soldiers, and the Circuit-Chaps made up the main military force of this union (the Rostraans having been rejected as too dangerously unreliable in combat).

After centuries of fighting in relative time—which looked like only seconds from an outside viewpoint—the Infinity Knights and the Union vanished completely. According to the Tenth Inspector, they were caught in the Time Wave, which erased them from the universe.

"The Last Minutes"[edit | edit source]

In "The Last Minutes", the reincarnated Sergeant claims that the Time Wave was a secret project planned by Commissioner Sassafrass to be used on the Union, but that the Inspector supposedly betrayed him with it—which the Inspector neither confirms nor denies. The two do work together, however, to prevent Cardinal Continuum of the Terran Federation's Universal Church from potentially triggering it again by actuating the sacred relic "The Lemniscate". (This artefact is actually a Kayaclaschian failsafe backup of the Infinity Knight High Command that would restore them to the Universe.)

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