• Hi! I have a number of things to say, so let me express them via a bullet-point list to at least make it seem as though my ramblings are more orderly than they really are.

    • What a marvelous thing Inspector Spacetime is.
    • The disappearance of the TVtropes material is a crying shame, and do you have any "battle plan" as to how to restore it? Do you have up-to-date versions of the page saved up somewhere? I fear that I do not, and the versions on the Internet Archive are rarely quite up-to-date, though they're better than nothing.
    • Forgive me for asking, but are you Travis Richey? The username does make one wonder. By all means feel free not to answer this question, though.
    • Is there any "handbook" on how to contribute to this Wiki?
    • Separate from this "fiction-generating" Wiki which seeks to add to the meta-canon, I took it upon myself, as a fan of the Untitled Web Series and suchlike, to create a "serious" "Inspector Wiki" to document the Inspector Spacetime stories that actually do exist in the real world. Felt like a thing that should exist; thought you ought to know.
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    • Many thanks for contacting the IS Wikia.  To address your questions quickly:

      • Yes, isn't it? It's the best of affectionate parody, show-within-a-show trivia, and fan fic of an imaginary programme.
      • Versions of some of the deleted TVTropes pages are available on my sandbox there.  (I also have current Google caches.)  We're currently in discussion with TVTropes about what to do about the deleted subpages.
      • No, the similarity in names is purely a coincidence.  My 'net handle alludes to the anonymous writer B. Traven.
      • The Help Desk and Water Cooler forums here give practical advice on contributing to the IS Wiki.  On the creative side, today the IS Wiki tries to maintain an internally coherent canon in sync with TV Tropes (though obviously that's currently been disrupted).  Please feel free to ask if you have specific questions.
      • Good luck with your separate IS project.  Incidentally, the Untitled Web Series is its own distinct creative project from the Wikia/TVTropes "canon" and doesn't really overlap. Richey collaborated with the TVTropes community via Proboards initially, but he then split off to launch the Untitled Web Series project. We give it a hat-tip as the IS counterpart to the 90s Whovian unofficial spinoffs "The Stranger" and "P.R.O.B.E.".
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    • I see! Yes! Thanks!

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