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Thorough Visor
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Earth
Original era: 20th Century
Species Human
Gender Male
First Appearance: Oddly Out of Place
Last Appearance: The Triplicate Catastrophe
Portrayed By: Hugh Laurie
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Thorough Visor was played by British actor Hugh Laurie. He was an associate of the Fourth and Fifth Inspectors. While at first it appeared that he was an alien, it was eventually revealed that he was from an extremely eccentric 20th century Earth-human family and that he was an unwitting pawn in the battle between the Blue and Orange Wardens. He was a pleasant, well-meaning and seemingly not very bright individual, known for his penchant for wearing extremely short shorts. His travels with the Inspector revealed to all, including himself, that he was far more capable than realized.

Following the Fifth Inspector's regeneration, he chose to remain on the distant-future Earth colony of Androgyny.



  • While Thorough Visor's farewell scene was spliced into the start of the episode "The Triplicate Catastrophe", it had been filmed along with the rest of the previous episode, "The Hills of Androgyny".
  • Laurie returned to the series as a guest star in the new-era episode "Fry and Laurie", but rather than playing Thorough Visor, he appeared as a parody version of himself, along with his long-time comedy partner Stephen Fry.