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Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Thallidium
Species Man-tiss
Gender Male
First Appearance: The Promethium Closes
Last Appearance: The Alias of the Inspector
Portrayed By: Nigel Cuthbertson
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Thoraxis is considered to be the Eleventh Inspector's arch nemesis. He is portrayed by British actor Nigel Cuthbertson.


His past is unknown, and it was never revealed how he met the Inspector. He personally led the Union against the Infinity Knights and got trapped in the Time Wave. When he escaped with his followers, he set up a plan to trap the Inspector in the Promethium.

He typically introduces himself with his catchphrase, “BOW BEFORE THORAXIS!”


Cuthbertson was rumoured to have attended the February 21st 2013 InSpecTiCon and uttered his catchphrase in front of a large crowd. However, he has since been confirmed to be an impostor. Leaked footage was spotted on YouTube, and fans have unsuccessfully tried to track him down.