The Union
Leader: Thoraxis
Type: Alien
Origin: Atemporal
Prominent Members: Asterozoids, Blowfish, Blorgons, Circuit-Chaps, Slythins, Sulphur Soldiers, etc., etc.
Affiliations: Earth
Appearances: The Promethium Closes / The Horrendous Space Kablooie
Size: Innumerable alien species
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The Union was an association of some of the Inspector's longest-recurring enemies on the programme. First mentioned in "The Last Minutes", it made a full appearance in "The Promethium Closes".

History Edit

The Union was initially formed by the police authorities on several planets in an attempt to get the Inspector to pay countless overdue fines for trans-temporal trespassing, failing to comply with fundamental laws of physics, and parking the BOOTH in the prohibited places. It evolved into an organisation anyone with grudge against him throughout time and space, including, first and foremost, attempting to prevent the Inspector and the Infinity Knights from destroying the universe (so they thought). It was caught in the Time Wave and believed to be gone forever.

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