The Twelfth Inspector
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Kayaclasch
Species Infinity Knight
Gender ████████
First Appearance: The Inspector Spacetime 50th Anniversary Christmas Special
Portrayed By: ██████████████
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On August 4, 2012, in a special live BTV broadcast, the closely guarded identity of the actor who would be playing the Twelfth Inspector was revealed to be none other than… ███████████████████.

With massive speculation across the Inspectrum, Peter Capaldi was rumoured as in the lead for the part, but he narrowly lost out to ██████████ (and eventually had to settle for the starring role in That Ripoff instead).

After the special, it was revealed that producers were still in negotiations with ██████████ for the role until halfway through the live broadcast, and they reached an agreement at the very last minute.

███████████ is not entirely unknown to viewers of Inspector Spacetime and its related spinoffs, having also appeared in the Series 4 episode "The Water of Venice" and in Peacemist: Terra's Progeny.


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