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The Third Inspector
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Kayaclasch
Species Infinity Knight
Gender Male
First Appearance: Vanguard of the Void
Last Appearance: Return to the Sphere of Strands
Portrayed By: Bernard Fox
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He was the third incarnation of the Infinity Knight who called himself the Inspector. He was played by English actor Bernard Fox from Seasons 7 to 11.

The Third Inspector was well known for his habit of taking long tea breaks at (seemingly) the very worst moments and his abhorrence of any sort of strenuous physical activity. For example, although he knew Jovian Jujitsu and habitually threatened to use it, he very rarely did so.

Despite the Infinity Knight High Command's request he limit his involvement with his old planetary precinct after the events of "The Crime Sports", the Third Inspector's unofficial leave consisted chiefly of excursions across space and time in which he coincidentally arrived on distant worlds just when plots were being hatched against Earth. After he cleared his name in "The Three Inspectors", he was able to spend more time on his favourite world, particularly the 20th century when Exo-Pol was formed.

One of the Third Inspector's many disguises

Fox—unlike his predecessors, Leslie French and Christopher Lee—cheerfully embraced the role from the start, returned for guest appearances on the programme whenever he was invited, and was a beloved fixture at the annual InSpecTiCon and worldwide Inspectrum conventions for forty years, until his death in 2016.



  • He was the first Inspector to say "We must normalise the alignment of the electron stream!"
  • He loved drinking tea—"It's always teatime somewhere in the universe."—and could become very cross with someone who spilled it.