The Teman Mothers
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Planet of Origin: Tema
Biological Type: Humanoid
Appears in: The Moribund Mind, The Twilight of the Inspector
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The Teman Mothers were an all-female group of water-worshipers on the planet Tema. Tema was once an ocean world, but it has slowly been drying up to the point that it is all but a desert. Water has taken on spiritual connotations, because of its rarity, especially to the sisters who have an almost psychic bond with it. Little did the mothers know the long-thought dead Infinity Knight Necrios was secretly hiding on their planet.

The Mothers had no great love for the Infinity Knights, and their leader, Bohica, tried to drown the Fourth Inspector when he came to their planet in the serial "The Moribund Mind". They made a special reappearance in the 50th anniversary tie-in webisode "The Twilight of the Inspector" when they assisted the Eighth Inspector's transformation into the undercover Unknown Inspector during the events leading up to the Time Wave.

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