The Supreme Counter-Intelligence
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Unknown
Species Unknown
Gender n/a
Appears In: The Unspeakable Lava Men, The Underground of Doom, When the Sun Falls, The Alias of the Inspector
Portrayed By: Valentine Dyall (voice) in Classic Series; Peter Serafinowicz (voice) in New Series
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The Supreme Counter-Intelligence is an unearthly, bodiless entity intent on preventing humanity's discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence throughout history. (The Inspector hypothesises that it is responsible for the so-called Fermi Paradox.) Over the centuries, it has gone by such names as Mogons, Mogetios, Mogont, Mogounos, Mogti, Mogunt, and Mounti. In keeping with its secretive mission, it prefers to work through minions rather than take direct action.

In the classic series, it appeared in "The Unspeakable Lavamen" and its sequel episode "The Underground of Doom". In the former, the Second Inspector, Aiden, and Regina encountered his minions the Skunk Apes while investigating odd volcanic activity on Mount Tambora. In the latter, the Inspector and his Associates teamed up with then-Chief Inspector Irvine Leith to save the London Underground from the Magma Men (igneous humanoids controlled telepathically by the Counter-Intelligence).

Although it was implied that the Supreme Counter-Intelligence continued to secretly frustrate humans' search for extraterrestrials, the Inspector would not encounter it again until the 2012 Summer Special, "When the Sun Falls". In this adventure, the Magma Men returned to menace the Eleventh Inspector and Temporary Constable Geneva during their summer hols on an eco-tour in Sumatra. For the rest of Series 7, it plotted behind the scenes against its old enemy until it revealed its master plan in "The Alias of the Inspector".

The Supreme Counter-Intelligence also appeared in 1994 in a direct to video effort called "Uptime", which did not have the Inspector, but did feature Irvine Leith and several associates.

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