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The Superintendent
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Earth
Original era: 20th Century
Species Human
Gender Male
First Appearance: The Underground of Doom
Last Appearance: Cattlefield
Portrayed By: Norman Bird
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Superintendent Irvine Leith (London Branch, Exo-Pol) a.k.a. The Superintendent was a recurrent associate of the Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Seventh Inspectors, most notably during the Fourth's reassignment to late 20th-century Earth. He was played by Norman Bird.

Adventures with the Inspector[]

"The Super", as he was nicknamed, first met the Infinity Knight when he was only a Chief Inspector with the London Metropolitan Police Service, investigating strange reports of volcanic activity in the Underground (with the assistance of the late Constable Rosamund). Later, during the Third Inspector's leave of absence from 20th-century Earth, when the international community set up a law-enforcement organisation to police extraterrestrial criminals—Exo-Pol—he was promoted to Superintendent to head up the London operation. In this capacity, he had multiple dealings with the Inspector over several incarnations.

High-minded, old-fashioned, and utterly by-the-book, the Super never encountered a bug-eyed monster that he didn't attempt to apprehend ("Just once, I'd like to encounter an extraterrestrial miscreant that wasn't insusceptible to handcuffs!"). While he got on well with the easygoing Third Inspector, he was exasperated by the mercurial Fourth. His worries that the Commissioner or Crown Prosecutor would have his head (and pension) over the Inspector's unorthodox methods were not unreasonable, considering the collateral damage they inevitably incurred. His constant disciplinary threats that he would confiscate the alien detective's badge and/or gun were, however, frustrated by the fact the Infinity Knight didn't possess the former or carry the latter. Likewise, his repeatedly (and loudly) giving the Inspector only forty-eight hours to solve a case proved ineffectual since he had a time machine.

The Super never quite retired, despite often claiming he was soon due at the start of many an adventure. Even after transferring to head Exo-Pol's training academy, he would cross paths with the Inspector again and again.


  • The Superintendent was named after music hall star Wilkie Bard's famous tongue-twisting song "The Leith Police Dismisseth Us" ("The Leith police dismisseth us. We both sighed sighs apiece, and the sighs that we sighed as we said goodbye were the size of the Leith police.").