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The Second Inspector
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Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Kayaclasch
Species Infinity Knight
Gender Male
First Appearance: The Lost Asteroid
Last Appearance: The Crime Sports
Portrayed By: Christopher Lee
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He was the second incarnation of the Infinity Knight called the Inspector. He was played by English actor Christopher Lee.


"nobody else on earth can time travel, only we can isn't that cool"


Following his second encounter with the Circuit-Chaps, the Inspector, exhausted, died while trying to open the BOOTH. Suddenly, he stood up with a new face and explained to the amazed Peter he had undergone Metamorphosis, a process allowing him to live longer than most lifeforms.

He continued travelling with his associates, investigating the Blorgons, Sulphur Soldiers, and the Supreme Counter-Intelligence. His investigations favored locked room mystery settings (mainly for budgetary reasons). For example, the Inspector deduced the murders of the chrono-scientists in "The Cube in Time" were perpetrated by the base's high-tech laboratory equipment and kitchen appliances, which the Circuit-Chaps had modified into lethal conscripts of the Digifleet, after assorted evidence excluded all the human and alien suspects.

In the climax of Season Six, the Infinity Knights recalled him to the previously unseen Kayaclasch at the end of "The Crime Sports". Accused by his very first Associate, Susannah Overseer, of violating the elementary rules of time travel, he was required to undergo metamorphosis again as part of the Infinity Knight High Command's probe of his mission. Although the formal charges were dropped pending further inquiry, he was put on unofficial leave and required to limit his involvement with his old planetary precinct.



  • The Second Inspector was known for his incredibly quick and accurate deductions, which earned him the nickname "Sherlock Holmes in Space".
  • Compared to his predecessor, he was a colder, more austere person.
  • He liked to play the ocarina.


  • The Inspector's preferred alias "Joe Bloggs" was first introduced for the Second Inspector in the serial "The Cube in Time" (this would later be alluded to for the shocking twist in the 50th anniversary series finale's "The Alias of the Inspector").
  • Lee's commando training with the Special Operations Executive during World War II added an element of authenticity to the Second Inspector's fight scenes.
  • His proudest personal accomplishment on the programme, however, was displaying his training in classical opera by singing Non più andrai to Aiden before the climactic battle in "The Sulphur Soldiers".