The Pirate

The Pirate is an Infinity Knight that used to be a teacher at the Infinity Knight College. The Inspector was one of his students and he was deeply affected by his classes. When the Inspector was 150, the Pirate took his retirement and was allowed to freely leave Kayaclasch.

The Pirate was mentioned several times by the Second and the Third Inspector. The Inspector eventually met him again on the Sphere of Strands when he was banned from the Kayaclaschian Police. The Infinity Knights wanted to put the Inspector in the prison of Ashata, but the Pirate used his authority to soften the punishment and to exile him on Earth.

He was thought to be gone in the Time Wave with his other people, but the Eleventh Inspector once found a message seemingly written by the Pirate. It is later shown it was a trap and the real Pirate was murdered.

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