Leader: Sir Richard Francis Burton (founder)
Type: Extraterrestrial census-taking
Origin: 19th Century
Prominent Members: Captain James Haggard
Affiliations: Earth
First Appearance: The Zombie Navy
Appearances: Tenth Inspector
Size: 300 employees
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The Peacemist Institute is a secret organisation dedicated to cataloging all cryptids, extraterrestrials, and paranormal entities on planet Earth. Established by the Victorian explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton, Peacemist’s headquarters was based in the basement of the British Museum in London. However, a devastating double-headed alien invasion by the Blorgons and the Circuit-Chaps ("Apocalypse") decimated its personnel and leadership, leaving its branch offices to fend for themselves.

For example, Peacemist’s small Welsh office (nicknamed "The Outback"), set up at the end of the nineteenth century in the hamlet Wylf-y-Fwddoch, is currently staffed by only Captain James Haggard. Since the region is inexplicably a flash point for both extraterrestrial and paranormal activity, it's his job to assess any threat to humanity, despite the locals' indifference to both his presence and all the strange goings-on.

Peacemist occasionally consults for the Extraterrestrial Overwatch Police, a.k.a. Exo-Pol, an international law enforcement agency specializing in preventing alien crime on Earth.