The Mary Sue Predicaments
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Format: Science Fiction, Teen Drama
Created by: David P. Russell
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Starring: Susannah York
Original channel: BTV
Original language(s): English
No. of series: 5
No. of episodes: 53
Original run: 2006-2011
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The second Inspector Spacetime spin-off series, The Mary Sue Predicaments is far edgier and more thoughtful than its precursor, FE-Line and Friends, or the recent Japanese FE-Line TV show.

In this hotter and sexier, bloodier and gorier dramedy, Mary Sue Brown thwarts alien invasions and other threats to Earth with the help of a gang of ASBO-accumulating chavs—Elizabeth, Nitya, Roy, and Stella. While the show explicitly takes place in the same universe as Inspector Spacetime, it has had trouble fitting its episodes into the Inspectrum canon. For example, Mary Sue's confrontations with the Inspector's most famous foes in "Sympathy for the Borgons" in Series 1, "The Ultimate Blorgon" in Series 2, and "Ransom of the Blorgons" in Series 3 are difficult to reconcile with the investigations by the Fourth, Sixth, and Seventh Inspectors into Blorgon activity in London over the years.


Mary Sue as a hard-case caseworker

Mary Sue's profession was retconned from photojournalist to vaguely defined social services caseworker in order to establish her connection to the Council Estate gang.  Plus she somehow acquired a teenage son, Mark.
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