The Instructor
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Kayaclasch
Species Infinity Knight
Gender Female
First Appearance: The Obvious World
Last Appearance: The Abominable Ally
Portrayed By: Eleanor Bron
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The Instructor was a senior member of the Infinity Knight High Command. She was played by Eleanor Bron.

In the Season 23 "Internal Investigation of the Inspector" story arc, when the Sixth Inspector is brought up on charges by the Indictor, the Instructor appears on the scene to "educate the dear Inspector" rather than commit any outright villainy. She is rather coy about whether she is taking this task upon herself or is carrying out the High Command's orders with eccentric enthusiasm. In addition, she drops subtle hints that she shares some sort of connection to Susannah Overseer.

Unfortunately, the convoluted plot line—which also involved three competing factions of Blorgons, the Circuit-Chaps, the Sergeant, and the Orange and Blue Wardens—was cut short by BTV and then left hanging when the Seventh Inspector era started.

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