The Inspector General
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Kayaclasch
Species Infinity Knight
Gender Male
Appears In: The Night of the Inspector
Portrayed By: John Shrapnel
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The Inspector General was the ruthlessly zealous head of the Infinity Knight High Command's Internal Affairs Department—who was also secretly running a private death squad of space-time officers in a covert war against the Blorgons. He was portrayed by English actor John Shrapnel in Series 7.

"The Night of the Inspector"[edit | edit source]

When the High Command assigns the Eighth Inspector to infiltrate a group of renegade Infinity Knights, he decides to pose as a rogue cop and transforms himself into the Unknown Inspector. The undercover Inspector finds out that the renegades are plotting to use the monstrous Time Wave to destroy the Blorgons once and for all. Horrified that Infinity Knights would take the law into their own hands like this, he reports back to the High Command, only to discover the Inspector General has set him up.

The Inspector General had deduced the Unknown Inspector was actually a mole and went back in time to strike a deal with Commissioner Sassafrass. The corrupted Sassafrass ran the renegades as his own covert strike team until other members of the High Command grew suspicious—whereupon the Inspector General planted evidence that implicated the Unknown Inspector as their ringleader.

The Inspector General in his body armour

With the Inspector General readying for the final confrontation with the Blorgons, the Unknown Inspector goes on the run and enlists the aid of the Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Inspectors and their respective Associates. In a spectacular battle, the "Inspector Detail" (as they call themselves) go up against not only the Blorgons and assorted past foes they recruit, but also the Inspector General and his renegade Infinity Knights.

Just when the Inspectors think they have defeated these near-overwhelming forces, however, the dying Inspector General is able to trigger the Time Wave—and with this cliffhanger, the words appear on screen "The Inspector Detail will return in 'The Golden Jubilee of the Inspector' for Christmas 2012".

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