The Inspector Detail
Leader: The Eleventh Inspector (since he technically has seniority)
Type: Law Enforcement
Origin: Kayaclasch
Prominent Members: The Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Unknown Inspectors
Affiliations: Infinity Knights
Appearances: The Night of the Inspector, The Golden Jubilee of the Inspector 2012 Christmas Special
Size: Five Inspectors plus Associates
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The Inspector Detail is the nickname for four of the Inspector's more recent incarnations who were gathered together by the Unknown Inspector in the 50th anniversary special episodes to fight both the Inspector General and the Blorgon forces.

"The Night of the Inspector"Edit

Going on the run from the Inspector General and his renegade Infinity Knights, the Unknown Inspector recruits the Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Inspectors and their respective Associates. Banding together to as "The Inspector Detail", they attempt to avert the renegades setting off the Time Wave in their private war against the Blorgons.

Although they manage to defeat these near-overwhelming forces through their combined skills and courage—and five Optic Pocketknives—the dying Inspector General manages to trigger the Time Wave in a cliffhanger that continues in the Christmas Special.

"The Golden Jubilee of the Inspector" 2012 Christmas SpecialEdit


Queen Victoria (played by Sylvia Strange)

As the Time Wave recedes, the Inspectors are split up into two groups: The Tenth, Eleventh, and Unknown Inspectors are stranded with Geneva in 1887 during Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee, while the Eighth and Ninth have wound up in 2002 for Queen Elizabeth II's.

The Victorian group soon stumbles upon a plot to blow up Westminster Abbey, the Queen, and half the British Cabinet, which is being orchestrated by an unusually menacing and competent gang of Blorgons. Their ultimate goal is to steal the fabled Koh-i-Noor diamond from the wreckage and utilize it to power a strange device called the Trans-Temporal Tourbillon. The 2002 pair, in a more lighthearted storyline, must crash the "Party at the Palace" pop concert in order to reach a spacetime wormhole to the Victorian era. Searching for it in the Buckingham Palace Gardens, they have to bluff their way past not only HMQ herself, but also celebrities like Tom Jones, Dame Edna Everage, and Ozzy Osbourne and his family, in cameo appearances.


Five spacetime wormholes open above the Olympic Stadium for each of the Inspectors

Once the Detail is reunited in 1887, they confront the Blorgons and learn they come from a parallel chronology that became tangled with the Inspectors' in the aftermath of the Time Wave. Although the Inspectors are able to prevent these Blorgons from activating the Tourbillon to permanently overwrite their chronology, they are marooned in this timestream—until a mysterious figure arrives in his own BOOTH. This surprise guest star then helpfully returns them to their own version of 2012, where they open spacetime wormholes to their respective eras with the Tourbillon.


  • In an interview with Inspector Spacetime Monthly following the Christmas special's broadcast, showrunner Stefan Toffat defended his inclusion of as many Inspectors as possible—including "Inspector Spacetime" from the 60's movies—as "much more satisfying than if only two or three had shown up".
    • Then he went on to explain that their incredibly convoluted investigation was in fact inspired by the historical Jubilee Plot.
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