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The Insector
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Kayabzzzz
Species Insectoid
Gender Male
Appears In: The Sphere of Strands, Return to the Sphere of Strands, The Promethium Closes
Portrayed By: George Baker
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The Insector was an occasional adversary of the First and Third Inspectors. He was played by English actor George Baker in Seasons 2 and 11 and Series 5.


The Insector was one of the Infinity Swarm and hailed from the planet Kayabzzzz, where insect life forms evolved intelligence and other life forms remained primitive. He was not so much an enemy as a personage similar to the Inspector in his goals and missions, who believed that the Inspector was intruding on his turf.

The Insector's tool of choice was the Kirlian Swatter. However, he was able to steal the Inspector's Optic Pocketknife as he had modified his right hand into humanoid form to enable the easy use of the other's tool.

His most recent appearance was Series 5. However, shortly before the events that commenced in "The Promethium Closes", he had transformed into a hard cocoon, which was kicked about like a football during the fight sequences.


  • Although the Insector appeared in only two televised serials, the character has also been featured in Inspector Spacetime novels and some of the early pre-Great Ending audio plays, which were only released on 8-track tape.
  • In between the character's appearances in Inspector Spacetime, George Baker starred in the 1965 horror film Curse of the Fly. "At least in that one, I didn't have to wear that bloody head," Baker would later tell Inspector Spacetime Monthly in a 2009 interview.