The Friar
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Kayaclasch
Original era: 15th Century
Species Infinity Knight
Gender Male
Appears In: The Space Rabble-Rouser, The Blorgons' Cunning Scheme
Portrayed By: Michael York
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The Friar was a rogue Infinity Knight who encountered the First Inspector in Earth's 15th century and again in the 40th century. He was played by British actor Michael York.

The Inspector first crosses paths with the reprobate Kayaclaschian in "The Spacetime Rabble-Rouser" when he is disguised as Renaissance friar. He plans to give Leonardo da Vinci the knowledge necessary to complete many of his unfinished inventions, thus jump-starting the Space Age several hundred years early. The Inspector, fearing what this would do to the timeline, stops the Friar and makes his time booth so enormous that he cannot reach the controls. This effectively strands the Friar in that time period.

Somehow, the Friar is later able to fix his Dimensionizer, and the Inspector runs into him again while he was an unwilling ally of his notorious nemeses in "The Blorgons' Cunning Scheme".

The Sergeant?[edit | edit source]

Some fans still debate whether or not the Friar was in fact the Sergeant himself, in an earlier form. The programme, however, has always left this point ambiguous.

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