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The Fourth Inspector
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Kayaclasch
Species Infinity Knight
Gender Male
First Appearance: Android
Last Appearance: Mathsville
Portrayed By: Marius Goring
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He was the fourth incarnation of the Infinity Knight who called himself the Inspector. He was played by English actor Marius Goring.

At the end of "Return to the Sphere of Strands", after the Third Inspector had successfully defended himself against charges brought against him by Infinity Knight High Command, he nevertheless was forced to metamorphose and was transferred to late 20th-century Precinct Sol 3.

Operating mainly in London as a special liaison with Exo-Pol, he travelled via his personal tram instead of the BOOTH. Under the nominal oversight of Superintendent Irvine Leith, he investigated assorted hard-boiled crimes, which invariably turned out to involve an extraterrestrial invasion, the Sergeant, or both.

After a public backlash against this increasingly grimmer and grittier atmosphere, BTV reassigned then-producer Brian Clemens to the crime-action drama The Professionals and ordered his replacement to return to the lighter space mysteries of earlier series. A fledgling author named Terence Pratchett came on board to brighten the tone of the adventures. Pratchett would pen "The Mona Lisa Caper", one of the programme’s best-loved serials, in which the Inspector exonerated Pablo Picasso in the theft of Louvre's most famous painting in 1911.

This era featured such long-running favorite characters for the first time as: Vosrda, the Blorgons' creator (introduced in "Exodus of the Blorgons"); the Inspector’s rival, Inspector Minerva (debuting in "The Lethal Murderer"); and the Blue and Orange Wardens (recurring in Season 16's "Bolt of Space" story arc).

As Goring himself summed up the character: "He's basically like a disgruntled janitor. He keeps cleaning up these messes everyone else creates, only for a new one to be made. But unlike a janitor, these messes cost lives and homes, and he just wants it all to stop trying to tear out another piece of himself because he can't save everyone. Nonetheless, he always steps up to save the day.”


"Sometimes you have to be serious. Even scary."



  • This inspector had an affinity for wine gums and sherbet lemons.
  • He was far more violent than his predecessors and successors, rarely leaving the baddies alive at the end of the story.