The Foot of Moe
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Unknown
Original era: Unknown
Species Unknown
Gender Unknown
Appears In: The Creation of Earth, Old Planet, Light Traffic
Portrayed By: Sam Dastor (voice)
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The Foot of Moe is a mysterious character who existed millions of years before the human reign on Earth. He consisted of a huge disembodied foot and was always seen travelling in a protective dome. His voice was provided by British actor Sam Dastor.


Not much is known about the Foot's origins, except he had already lived a long life before the events of "The Creation of Earth". He first met the Ninth Inspector and Lily Taylor when he organised a party to celebrate the creation of a planet that would later be called the Earth. Later, the Foot called the Tenth Inspector for help to cure some cavemen from an alien illness.

He met again the Tenth Inspector on "Light Traffic" when he sacrificed himself to save the planet. Dying, he told the Inspector "You Always Have Enemies", something later revealed to be a code.

The Inspector didn't believe the Foot was really dead and thought he evolved to another form somewhere in the universe.


There is some evidence to suggest that the Captain James Haggard is a reincarnation of the Foot as this dialogue in "First of the Infinity Knights":

Captain James: "Used to play football when I was a kid living on the Moeshoone Peninsula. Tiny little place. I was the first one ever to be signed up for the National Team. They were so proud of me. The 'Foot of Moe', they called me. Hmm. I'll see you."


Many viewers were annoyed at the fact that a foot could speak in "The Creation of Earth" with no visible mouth. It was later explained in "Old Planet" that the Foot was only sending telepathic messages to the Inspector's mind and was never really speaking.

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