The Eleventh Inspector

The Eleventh Inspector

Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Kayaclasch
Species Infinity Knight
Gender Male
First Appearance: The Clock Strikes Eleven
Last Appearance: The Golden Jubilee of the Inspector
Portrayed By: Travis Richey
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The Eleventh Inspector was the previous incarnation of the Infinity Knight called the Inspector. He was played by the American actor Travis Richey from Series 5 to 7 and in a collection of computer "interactive episodes".

At the conclusion of the penultimate episode of Series 7, "The Alias of the Inspector", he was confronted by the Unknown Inspector in a cliffhanger scene that led into the 50th anniversary special episodes, "The Night of the Inspector" and "The Golden Jubilee of the Inspector".


"When you look out at the skies at night, what do you see? Starlight. From millions of stars. And that's just the light that's arrived here at one point in time. You can see every star, every planet, in one point of time, and never get the full picture. So really, the question isn't where... but when."—The Eleventh Inspector



  • He is proud of his bowler hat and doesn't let anyone touch it.
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