The 1981 Inspector Spacetime Holiday Special
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Format: Christmas Special
Created by: BTV
Country of Origin: UK
Starring: Travis Richey, Derwin Jordan, and John Moore as Father Christmas
Original channel: BTV
Original language(s): English
Original run: 2010
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For the Eleventh Inspector's 2010 Christmas episode, he and Constable Reggie travelled back to 1981 in order to save Time Day and Father Christmas from the Blorgons.

Broadcast and ReceptionEdit


A bootleg copy of the special, sold at auction in 2017 for $350

Misguidedly conceived as the new series's hat tip to the classic serials, "The 1981 Inspector Spacetime Holiday Special" wound up featuring such badly misplaced nostalgia, inappropriate reused footage, awful musical numbers, and terrible "futuristic" special effects that it drew record hate mail from both fan camps. Fans were also infuriated that the cliffhanger to the previous season—in which a mysterious voice at the end of "Brooke Gets Hitched" told the Inspector "It's time for quiet, time to rise."—would not be resolved under Series 7's premiere, "Bedlam of the Blorgons".

After its lambasted critical reception, the creator took a hammer and smashed all copies at BTV studios, though this did not prevent his knighthood being revoked.

The True Meaning of Time DayEdit

John Moore - Father Xmas

"Ho, ho, ho! Merry Time Day!"

As the Eleventh Inspector explains to Constable Reggie, it's a universal tradition for life forms to give each other "a gift at the end of each orbital cycle."

So really, Time Day isn't so much a question of when but of where.


To this day, neither Paul McCartney nor Dame Edna acknowledge their participation in the special.

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