Terran Federation
Terran Federation Insignia from 29th Century
Leader: Various
Type: Interstellar Government
Origin: Earth
Prominent Members: Androgyny, Aquanus, Earth, Newer South Wales, Terra Omega
Affiliations: The Pangalactic League, The United Supercluster
Size: Trillions of sentients and thousands of planets at highest point of expansion
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The Terran Federation was an interstellar economic and political union, comprising numerous planetary governments of Humanoids but primarily those founded by Terrans. The planet Earth typically served as its de facto capital.



The Terran Federation's flag from the 26th century

Over the course of its long, multi-millenia history, Terran Federation has seen its political character ranged from idealistic liberalism to repressive authoritarianism as it periodically rose and fell and then rose again. Notable eras visited by assorted incarnations of the Inspector have been characterised by, variously, federal democracy, mercantile colonialism, militaristic republicanism, and totalitarian hegemony, with some periods of neo-feudalism and theocratic oligarchy as well.

The Terran Federation traces its origins to the Earth Economic Community (EEC) and the Terran Einsteinium-, Strontium-, and Cadmium-producing Organisation (TESCO), which were formed by the so-called "Inner Four" planets of the Sol star system at the turn of the 22nd century. The Monocerotis Treaty in the early 23rd century established the Terran Federation under that name, which would endure thereafter as its official one despite its political fluctuations.

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