Tara Parradyce
Tara Parradyce
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Earth
Original era: 40th Century
Species Human
Gender Female
Appears In: The Blorgons' Cunning Scheme
Portrayed By: Suzan Farmer
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Tara Parradyce was a Space Police agent who met the First Inspector while fighting the Blorgons in the 40th century. She was played by English actress Suzan Farmer in Season 3.

She assisted the Inspector in investigating the centuries-spanning scheme by the Blorgons and the felonious Friar during the epic and convoluted twelve-part serial, "The Blorgons' Cunning Scheme".

In the climax, she seemingly turned on him and surrendered him and the BOOTH to the Blorgons. The Inspector won in the end, though, by rewiring the Friar's Dimensioniser into a Time Reconstructor.  For her Machiavellian gambit, she was sent into exile on Earth, a minor and undesirable precinct in her era.


  • After Layla sees Tara zap a Blorgon in the back.
Layla: You fight without honour! 
Tara: I fight with a ray gun.
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