Casting the Twelfth Inspector Discussion[edit source]

With Doctor Who's Series 8 underway and Community's Season 6 in the works, the outstanding issue of the Twelfth Inspector's casting requires some kind of resolution or at least a temporary fix. We've had a ton of excellent, creative suggestions of actors for the role, both on TV Tropes and here on the IS wiki in the past year. The one and only thing they have in common, though, is that everyone has their own idea of who would be perfect as the Inspector. Since the hive mind is no nearer to reaching a consensus than when we started, a lateral move is the best option: Leave the casting explicitly unanswered and open to tropers/wiki readers to imagine whomever the wish. This approach also has the advantage of not having to change much if Dan Harmon gets around to more Inspector appearances on Community.

Having a cipher as the Twelfth Inspector turns the question into its own answer and offers us new possibilities for parodying/pastiching Doctor Who, especially since Capaldi's performance is emphasising his new Doctor's unknown/unresolved character. Using the ascii code 254 (alt+254) ██████████ creates a black "redacted" box for formatting purposes and makes the unnamed casting explicit going forward.

Thanks again to everyone for all the great suggestions! —Travern (talk) 14:25, August 26, 2014 (UTC)

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