Sydney Sidwell
"Walk away, you silly child...and forget me..."
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Bedlam
Species Human (Possible Blorgon Hybrid)
Gender Female
First Appearance: Bedlam of the Blorgons
Last Appearance: Life in Hell
Portrayed By: Amara Karan
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Sydney Sidwell was played by British actress Amara Karan. Sydney travelled with the Future Inspector, briefly encountered the Eleventh Inspector and later became an adversary of the Twelfth Inspector. She bore an uncanny resemblance to another of the Inspector's former associates...

Adventures with the Future Inspector Edit

Bedlam of the Blorgons Edit

When the Eleventh Inspector was summoned to the tyrannous Bedlam during the Blorgon attempt at invading it and converting it to their use, he discovered he had been summoned by a future self of his from some unknown point in his timeline. With him was Sydney, a technical genius who claimed to be both this Future Inspector's "partner" and secretly a Blorgon trapped inside a human body.


Sydney misremembering a training session with her "Comrade" Blorgons.

Though her frantic behaviour and wild claims (such as being able to "hear" bluetooth signals) convinced the Inspector that she was one of the planet's frantic Bedlamites, his future self refused to clarify. Her technical genius implied that she was a Blorgon, as she claimed; however, her memories of her "comrades" could only be expressed as visions of fellow humans on Earth.

At one point during their escape, Sydney claimed that she'd heard of an Angie in her Inspector's past, left by him in an Intergalactic Bank somewhere. This implies that Angie's mind may have been removed by the Inspector himself, to fashion his perfect "partner".

It was only through her apparent knowledge of the Blorgon's defences (which, the Inspector countered, could have been gleaned from the future BOOTH's database) that their takeover of Bedlam was prevented. Before rejoining her Inspector, she encouraged the Eleventh Inspector not to dwell on whomever she might have been

A Split in Space Edit

In the book A Split in Space, in the second act the "Future" Inspector and Sydney save the Inspector and Angie from the Blorgons on the abandoned space station.

Tormenting the Twelfth Inspector Edit

Life in Hell Edit

Headed for Hell

"Hello, I'm Sydney. You're headed for Hell..."

After the emergence of the Twelfth Inspector, Sydney reappeared in mysterious flashbacks throughout Series 8, having been apparently responsible for manipulating certain characters into the fateful encounter with the Inspector that would later lead to their deaths. During these fleeting appearances, she claimed they were "headed for Hell" if they did not listen to her. In these episodes, she wore a schoolgirl's unfirom, and was not accompanied by the Future Inspector.  

Finally, in "Life In Hell", Sydney's true plans and real identity were revealed, though far too late for the Twelfth Inspector to even attempt at stopping her...  

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