Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Rostraan
Original era: 41st Century
Species Rostraan
Gender Subandroecious
First Appearance: A Pleasant Chap Stays at Home
Portrayed By: Stephen Merchant
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Lt. Stalx is an AWOL Rostraan who has aided the Tenth and Eleventh Inspectors on several occasions. He is played by British comedian Stephen Merchant in Series 6-8.


The Tenth Inspector saved Lt. Stalx's life in the distant past in an incident that inspired the legends of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Consequently Stalx is forever in the Inspector's debt. Stalx now works as a gardener for the Eocene Ravaas and his human husband, Jimmy Chalk, in Regency London, though he has not forgotten his military background. Together, they became known as "the Pall-mall Coterie". They currently solve mysteries and occasionally assist the Inspector ("When the Sun Falls", "The Turquoise Terror", "The Alias of the Inspector", "The Night of the Inspector").



Stephen Merchant recording his lines

"Rostraan once had a war where no-one came. So we took the war to you."

"You know what? It's not the winning, is it? It's the taking part that counts...and we're doing that."

"As the saying goes, you live by the garden trowel, you die by the garden trowel."

"Ooh, are we sneaking now? Are we? Sorry, I'll keep schtum."

"Act natural, all right? Just play it cool—we've done nothing wrong. We're just three sentients going about their business, three dudes doing their thing."

"I've gene-spliced myself for all horticultural duties. I can produce magnificent quantities of fertiliser!"

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