Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Barbartron IV
Original era: 46th Century
Species Barbartronian
Gender Male
Appears In: The Visage of Villainy, The Theft of Space
Portrayed By: Brian Blessed
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Sonacry was the king of Barbartron IV and the father of Reena. He was played by English actor Brian Blessed. An august if rather overwhelming figure, His Imperial Highness boasted such titles as "Ruler of the Twelve Moons", "Defender of the Outer Belts", "Lord of the Never-Setting Sun", "Emperor of the Power of the Air", "Sovereign of the Royal Order of the Crown of Barbartron", among many others. His heroic sacrifice in the climactic fight in "The Theft of Space" was one of the most thrilling moments in the Fourth Inspector's run.