Snarling Lions
Also known as: Roaring Lions
Planet of Origin: Unknown
Biological Type: Metallic
First Appearance: Stare
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"Don't stare. Don't ever stare. Stare and you're dead. Move along, nothing to see. Just don't stare."—The Tenth Inspector


A snarling lion statue

Snarling Lions are murderous psychopathic aliens who take the form of bronze lion statues. They first appeared in the episode "Stare", which was followed up by "The Lions of Time". Snarling Lions are sometimes also known as "Roaring Lions".

If unbroken eye contact is attained for an (arbitrary) amount of time between a being and a snarling lion, the victim is then sent into the future, rapidly extinguishing their lifetime. The Tenth Inspector describes this method as "almost like fast-forwarding the victim's lifetime", so they arrive either just before of after their death. The Snarling Lions consume the stolen temporal energies, which allows them to survive for centuries.

In the Series 7 episode "The Last of the Lions", the Eleventh Inspector discovers that the stone lions at the New York Public library are actually petrified Snarling Lions. This petrification turned out to be the work of Angie Lake, following her work in subduing them across the globe.

Trivia Edit

  • The original snarling lion props were created using 10,000 pounds of bronze and placed on heavy-duty disused camera dollies.