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A discarded Slythin disguise
Planet of Origin: Karastepoliminox
Biological Type: Humanoid
Notable Individuals: Wabe Gimble-Gyre Tove
First Appearance: Humans of Westminster
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The Slythins are one of the most dangerous and scary monsters that the Inspector ever fought. He first meets them in his ninth form.


They almost never show their real look. From glimpses of several episodes, their skin is green, and their teeth are exceptionally sharp.

Killing Method[]

The Slythins are the best serial killers in all the galaxy; when they want to kill someone, they use their claws to skin him and then literally wear him. The worst part is that the original person now without exterior is still conscious of everything the Slythin is doing until his corpse is destroyed. One of the signs that show that a Slythin took a skin is a case of the hiccups, which occurs frequently when they "disguise" themselves.


In their first appearance, the Slythins wanted to invade Earth by replacing every state leader. They had murdered the whole family of the British Prime Minister but were no match for the Inspector, who had no other choice but sending nuclear weapons to London to kill them.

It was later revealed that some Slythins survived the assault when they tried to attack Mary Sue Brown but she ultimately killed them all in the series 3 finale of The Mary Sue Predicaments.

Behind the scenes[]

After the diffusion of their first episode, the BTV received hundreds of angry mails complaining that the Slythins were too violent and disturbing for a show supposed to attract children. They were never seen again on the main show, but they were used perfectly as recurring enemies in the more adult Mary Sue spin-off where they could achieve their full potential.