Planet of Origin: Sectota
Biological Type: Humanoid
Appears in: The Only Inspector
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The Sectotans were an alien race of strict vegetarians. Their monomaniacal minds were almost constantly focused on the preparation and consumption of vegetable dishes. In stark contrast to this view of vegetable life, they had a profound respect for animal life, preferring to temporarily incapacitate their animal enemies, rather than to kill them. They would only take animal life if they deemed it absolutely unavoidable.

The Sixth Inspector found himself in such a situation, when he ran afoul of a couple of rogue Sectotans, who had travelled back in time to 20th century Portugal in "The Only Inspector". The Rostraans had made an uneasy alliance with them (constantly having to foil their attempts to eat them), as part of an extremely convoluted plot to gain time travel ability.

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