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Rory Williams
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Earth
Original era: 21st Century
Species Human
Gender Male
First Appearance: Humans of Westminster
Last Appearance: The Intersection of the Parallels
Portrayed By: Arthur Darvill
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Rory Williams was an associate of the Ninth Inspector. He was played by English actor Arthur Darvill in Series 1.

Adventures with the Ninth Inspector[]

Rory was typified by his unexpected bravery and constant longing for the girl he'd left behind and had loved since he was a little boy. When Angie Lake later met the Inspector, many fans thought she might be The Girl and were very upset when canon proved otherwise.

During his time with the Inspector, Rory discovered how to cheat death. The burden of this knowledge was too great for him to bear without cost, and so Rory lost all of his memories of his time with the Inspector. The Inspector returned Rory to his sleepy village home and left.

Darvill was displeased with the direction his character had taken and so went on to become a companion on That Ripoff. To IS fans' displeasure, The Girl was given the name Amy Pond. Still, any IS fans who watched Rory's episodes could spot continuity between the IS and DW incarnations of the character. Rory does not remember the Inspector, but he does retain his ability to spot odd happenings around him (something he'd honed during his short time with the Inspector). He also seems to still be able to cheat death. That Ripoff has taken this to a ridiculous level to show off his ability to survive, but IS fans continue to be annoyed at how obvious the connection is and scoff at these desperate attempts to live up to the IS's standards.

Once again displeased with how the character was treated, Darvill went on to play yet another thinly disguised version of Rory for American audiences in "DC's Legends of Tomorrow". This time, the character was rechristened "Rip Hunter" and was given the Inspector's ability to travel through time.