Lizard Man Zane by BrownTrout
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Earth
Original era: 33.9 million BCE
Species Eocene
Gender Male
First Appearance: A Pleasant Chap Stays at Home
Portrayed By: Billy Zane
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Ravaas is an Eocene doctor living in Regency London with his human butler and eventual husband, Jimmy Chalk, and his Rostraan gardener, Stalx. He is played by American actor Billy Zane in Series 7-8.


Ravaas was one of many beings who owed the Inspector a debt: He had been woken from hibernation by the precocious young paleontologist Mary Anning while she was collecting the fossils from the Jurassic marine strata at Lyme Regis, but the Inspector convinced him to adapt to the new world rather than attempt to flee off planet. Ravaas resettled in London with Jimmy and Stalx, and together they became known as "the Pall-mall Coterie". They solve mysteries and occasionally assist the Inspector ("When the Sun Falls", "The Turquoise Terror", "The Alias of the Inspector", "The Night of the Inspector").

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