Also known as: Lutetia, City of Light
Type: City
Location: Earth
Native Species: Humans
First Appearance/Mention: The Revolution
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Paris is the Inspector's second-favourite city on Earth, though he visits there more often on holiday than on business. Only two of his adventures on the programme have taken place there: the Second Inspector serial "The Revolution", in which Circuit-Chaps attempt to foment an uprising of the city's machines; and the Fourth Inspector romp "The Mona Lisa Caper", in which the Inspector must exonerate his painter friend Pablo in the theft of France's most famous work of art (spoiler: the real culprits are random aliens).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The 1967 "The Revolution" climaxes in street battles between the Digifleet and the Paris police that would soon look all too similar to those of May 1968.
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