Planet of Origin: Odd
Biological Type: Cephalopoid
Notable Individuals: Enigma
Appears in: The Probable World/The God Spire, World of the Radarmen, The Last Minutes, The Inspector's Ex
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The malevolent Oddities first appeared during the second series of the new Inspector Spacetime series. Their hideous exterior hides an even more hideous soul. They are one of the more popular alien monsters created by David P. Russell.


The Oddities are from the Planet of Odd, also called "The Oddball", which is located in the Crab Nebula. They are extremely strong-willed beings, able to telepathically force their will on other species and enslave them. At the time of first contact they were dubbed Radarmen, out of a mistaken belief that they communicated by radar instead of telepathy. While it has persisted some, this is considered to be a more antiquated name, and the race prefers Oddity, as they are proud of their exceptional nature and unusual talents.

The Oddities were a predator race originally, using their mind powers to herd their meat animals. In the 38th century the Oddities discovered the Mankind Confederacy, enslaved them, and used them to perform menial tasks throughout the intergalactic slave trade in three galaxies. By the 41st century, nearly every Oddity had a human servant. To the Oddities, they were barely even regarded as being alive and were considered to be expendable.

A rebel Oddity activist group, called "The Oddityfellows", possessed a trait very rare among that species: empathy. These Oddities worked for freedom for the slaves.

Encounters with the InspectorEdit

They are first encountered in "The Probable World" by the Tenth Inspector, when they attack a research base orbiting a white dwarf. The Inspector learns they plan to use their telepathic abilities to enslave a powerful angelic alien to do their bidding.

In "World of the Radarmen", the Inspector and Mona Virtue discovered that the Oddities had enslaved all of the vast interplanetary Mankind Confederacy. The Inspector is able to stop the Oddities and free their slaves, consigning the Oddities to isolation on "The Oddball", never to dominate other races again. An Oddity from this episode named Enigma also appears in later episodes, seeking to avenge its species. The Enigma Oddity's final appearance was in "The Last Minutes", in which it seemingly manages to trigger the Tenth Inspector's metamorphosis—its revenge complete.

The most recent appearances by Oddities include one called "Uncle" in "The Inspector's Ex" and one that appears as a plumber, fixing the loo, in the Aidan Davies/Angie Lake mini-episode series entitled "Lake Effects".


The Oddities have green scaly skin and a fringe of tentacles all around their necks. Sometimes, they remove the brains of some of their slaves and carry them encased in black boxes as trophies. They are known for their abrupt, overbearing manner and harsh grating voices.

Some are afflicted with "green eye" disease—whose symptoms include darkened eyeballs, softened larynxes, and calm demeanour—and eventually turn into more empathic, cooperative beings. (The Inspector was responsible for spreading this beneficial plague.)

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