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Ocean Demons
Planet of Origin: Gilziab
Biological Type: Aquatic
First Appearance: The Ocean Demons
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Ocean Demons from the planet Gilziab are one of the most dangerous aquatic lifeforms in the galaxy.

They encountered the Third Inspector and Yosif when they threatened P. T. Barnum's exhibition of one of their kind as "The Feejee Mermaid" in the eponymous Season 9 serial, with assistance from the Sergeant. They later returned in a hijacking of the futuristic research station Ocean Outpost 4 to menace the Fifth Inspector, Thorough, Veneziana, and Mimmek in the Season 21 serial "The Ocean's Teeth".


  • The two-person costume for the monstrous Makara in "The Ocean's Teeth" was finished less than an hour before it was filmed for the serial's climactic battle. This meant not only did the two puppeteers inside have no time to rehearse but also that the prop smelled so strongly of adhesive and spray paint that they complained afterward they felt like they were sniffing glue during their scenes. Fans agree that whatever the reason, the Makara is one of the least frightening monsters in the programme's history.