Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Kraken V
Original era: 20th Century
Species Krakenite
Gender Female
First Appearance: Oddly Out of Place
Last Appearance: The End of the Line
Portrayed By: Karen Dotrice
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Nymeria of Planet Kraken V was an associate of the Fourth and Fifth Inspectors. She was played by the British actress Karen Dotrice in Seasons 18–20.

A rather shy and withdrawn "psycho-healer" of aristocratic background, with the backing of the mysterious "Giver of Kraken" she was dispatched by her high-ranking father to travel the galaxy with the Inspector, thus belatedly fulfilling her obligatory coming-of-age "Grand Tour". This proved to be a great success, as she gained a great deal of confidence and experience working with a multitude of alien cultures, though she also had to deal with the discovery that her psychic powers could be used to harm as well as heal. She returned in triumph to Kraken V following the events at the End of the Line, in the serial of the same title.


Nymeria in her first appearance


  • Ms. Dotrice is best known for her childhood role in the Walt Disney film Mary Poppins. Nymeria was the last non-theatrical role she played for before retiring from acting.
  • Certain BTV executives were known to have preferred Nymeria over any of the Fifth Inspector's other associates and intervened on several occasions when the producers attempted to write the character out of the series. This constant struggle was cited by Ms. Dotrice in making her previously-mentioned decision to retire.
  • The American fantasy author George R. R. Martin homaged Inspector Spacetime with his use of the name Nymeria in his A Song of Fire and Ice series of fantasy novels.
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