Planet of Origin: Asteroz
Biological Type: Aquatic
Appears in: Horror of the Asterozoids
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The Morgawr was an alien sea serpent-like monster that appeared in the Fourth Inspector serial "Horror of the Asterozoids".

"Horror of the Asterozoids"Edit

In the Inspector's first encounter with the Asterozoids, the starfish-like aliens are planning to introduce invasive alien species such as the genetically engineered Morgawr into Earth's oceans in order to provide them with new fishing grounds. In the rich new environment, however, the Morgawr quickly grows into a ravenous twenty-foot-long monster. The Inspector lures back to the Asterozoids' underwater base, where it begins preying on its would-be herders instead.


  • Anthony Bonham Pease claims that while he was on holiday in Cornwall in the early 70s, he heard about the local legend of the Morgawr.
  • He also denies rumours that BTV struck a deal with the Cornish tourism industry to use the programme's old prop to stage a series of hoaxed monster-sightings that began the year after the serial aired.
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