Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Morphos
Original era: 32nd Century
Species Morphan
Gender Male
First Appearance: The Morphan Architect
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Mmm'Fash't'ஐ'lan'zac was an associate of the Eighth Inspector. As a Morphan, he was able to change his look into anything possible, but he spent most of the time as a parrot. He is exclusive to the CCC comics and Great Ending audio plays.

He lived on the planet Zamus, where he used to draw plans for big buildings. On the opening of a museum he designed, he met the Inspector who discovered the paintings exposed were all fakes. Together, they recovered the real paintings and arrested the counterfeiters. Mmm'Fash't'ஐ'lan'zac was then offered to follow the Inspector, which he accepted.

Mmm'Fash't'ஐ'lan'zac was one of the most polite associates, he was also characterized by his colossal knowledge of history, which on some areas, was bigger than the Inspector. Despite his constant happiness, he was sometimes shown to be extremely angry at people who criticized his look, and at one point destroyed a whole dimension because of it. The Inspector wasn't happy when he learned it, but eventually forgave him because it was the Peculiar Dimension.


  • When he was first mentioned in the comics, the pronunciation of his name wasn't explained to the readers, leading to a lot of speculation. It was common for a time at InSpecTiCons to try to read Mmm'Fash't'ஐ'lan'zac's name in the most creative way possible. Then after two years, he was featured in the audio adventures in which his name was revealed to be pronounced "Chris"—to the annoyance of a lot of fans.
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