Minnie Smythe
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Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Earth
Original era: 21st Century
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance: Lily
Last Appearance: The Last Minutes
Portrayed By: Natalia Tena
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Minnie Smythe, played by British actress Natalia Tena, was originally the girlfriend of Lily Taylor, before she left her to travel with the Ninth Inspector. She was supposed to never reappear but the fans loved her, and she made more appearance before really becoming an associate when she fought alone the Circuit-Chaps, saving the Tenth Inspector and Joanna Martin. She travelled with them for a time and would eventually marry Joanna.

Minnie was a notorious scatterbrain who rarely could think straight. However, when she did focus her thoughts, they would lead to breakthrough ideas. She was often called "Minnie the Genius" by the Ninth Inspector for her surprising brainwaves. When Minnie learned her grandfather was still alive but terminally ill in an alternate reality, she underwent special therapy to train herself out of her scattiness so she could care for him in his last days. This let Minnie open up her mind to the life of alien bounty hunting, now having the focus of a hawk or a good tracer round.

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