Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Kayaclasch
Species Robot
Gender Male
First Appearance: The Queen's Angels
Last Appearance: Moon of Water
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Mimmek was a robot created by the Infinity Knights for undercover work. At the end of "The Queen's Angels", the Fifth Inspector confiscated Mimmek from the Sergeant, who had hacked it for his scheme to take over the neo-feudal remnants of the Terran Federation in the third millennium CE.

Mimmek could turn invisible at will and was supposed to help the Inspector on her missions. Unfortunately, the 'bot was also very shy and accompanied her on her adventures only infrequently. The most memorable example is in "The Ocean's Teeth", when he had to spy on the Ocean Demons: Even though they were unable to see him, he got scared and ran back to the Inspector, leading the monsters to the heroes' base. Mimmek wasn't very popular, and Pippi seemed to be the only person who liked him. At the end of "Moon of Water", he retreated into the BOOTH and has never been seen since (or mentioned after Season 21).


  • Mimmek was originally intended to have a chameleon-like camouflage ability. However, the BTV SFX department could not pull off the visual effects, and the mechanical prop kept breaking down, so he was hastily rewritten as "Mimmek the Invisible".
  • There is a theory that Mimmek is still hiding in the BOOTH...
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